January 12, 2020

Sin is Serious

Rev. Dylan Valliere

2 Samuel 21:1-14

Seeing your Sin is a Gift

Jesus is of no use to people who don't see their need of Jesus.

When God opens your eyes to see how bad you are, how insufficient you are, how flawed you are, how thoroughly broken by sin you are, that is mercy.

A right diagnosis precedes the proper prescription; God does not hide from us our true diagnosis.

Atonement is Deadly Business

You cannot negotiate the cost of sin; its price must be paid in full.

We live in a world where people can legitimately represent others with binding consequences.

There's no doubt about it: atoning for sin is bloody, gorydeadly business; "without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins" (Hebrews 9:22b).

There is Safety in Covenant Kept

There is safety in covenant with the covenant-keeping king.

There is no safety from God apart from God; we have no hope apart from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let Your Heart Engage

God means us to both know and feel the severity of sin, the price of pardon, and the security of covenant - that we might run to and cling to Jesus.

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