February 9, 2020

Mission Accomplished

Rev. Dylan Valliere

2 Samuel 21:15-22

Long Live the King

God has a way of keeping his servants safe in his will as they accomplish their part in God's work of rescuing the world.

Giving Honor

It is biblical and appropriate to show honor to those God has used to accomplish his good purposes.

Promise Kept

God's rescue here is a specific showing of God's promise-keeping faithfulness.

  • Disvover his promises.
  • Know his promises.
  • Memorize his promises.
  • Rely on his promises.

Defiance Silenced

You can only mock and ridicule God as long as he allows you to do so; the moment you come face to face with God, your mocking will quickly cease.

Count on it: all the enemies of God will one day be silenced.

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