October 27, 2019

The Kingdom is Safe

Rev. Dylan Valliere

2 Samuel 17

Whose Counsel Will Stand?

Ahithophel gave good advice that Absalom and others saw to be good advice.

Hushai tailors his advice to manipulate Absalom.

It’s God’s counsel that wins the day.

The Secret Keystone

The story of 2 Samuel 17 is a look at the absolute sovereignty of God at work in the world!

God was protecting the king he had chosen to rule over his people; you cannot rebel against God’s anointed king without consequences.

The Hero in Action

God is the hero of chapter 17, not Hushai

The safety of Jonathan and Ahimaaz lay ultimately not in the female servant’s hands but in God’s hands.

Disloyal to God

The final, ultimate, and unavoidable consequence of unrepentant rebellion against God’s king is death—eternal death.

Loyal to God

God is not limited in where he accomplishes his purposes.

God is not limited in who he uses to accomplish his purposes.

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