February 21, 2021

Jesus is Better: Who Rules?

Rev. Dylan Valliere

Hebrews 2:5-9

Fuel for Fixing on Christ

This passage is meant to be fuel for us to fix our hearts, minds, and lives steadfastly on Jesus Christ.

Who Rules the World to Come?

Not Angels

  • God has not destined angels to rule the world to come.

Creation Subject to Man

  • God has destined the new creation to be ruled by man.
  • The question: does man mean mankind or Jesus?
  • The context of the quote gives us the answer.

That's Not What I'm Seeing

  • Our experience does not fit with God's WordYet.

Look up, Look Ahead

  • Jesus' experience now ensures our experience later.
  • "Walk by faith, not by sight" as you wait to join and reign with Christ in glory.
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