February 7, 2021

Jesus is Better: A Neglect Warning

Rev. Dylan Valliere

Hebrews 2:1-4

The Call

The imperative of this warning is that we double-down our focus on the truth of the gospel.

The Danger

The danger if we do not heed the warning is that we will gradually, unintentionally drift away from following Jesus.

The danger is not that we intentionally reject Jesus but that we unintentionally wander away from him.

The Argument

The argument is a fortiori or qal wa homer: from lesser to greater.

If This

The Old Covenant, even though it came through angels, was so reliable that turning from it meant certain punishment.

Then Certainly This

The New Covenant, which came from Jesus and was attested by both eyewitnesses and by God himself, cannot possibly be ignored without dire consequences.

Living the Call

What would it look like for me to live out a continually renewed commitment to focus on Jesus?

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