October 13, 2019

Hard Times Call For Faith

Rev. Dylan Valliere

2 Samuel 15

Man’s Way or God’s Way?

Absalom’s Coup

Absalom coveted and was willing to use manipulation and might to get what he wanted.

Behind Absalom’s evil actions lies an evil heart that will not be content unless he possesses all that he craves.

God’s Judgment

Absalom’s attempted coup is God fulfilling his word against King David.

God’s Good Reign

Our day-to-day faith in God—and the gospel itself!—depends on God’s sovereign ability to reign in and through sin.

Loyal Faith

God calls us to loyal faith and faithfulness toward his anointed King.

“Thy Will Be Done” Faith

David refuses to trust in the form of religion and instead trusts in God himself.

Faith-Fueled Action

Real faith in God motivates faith-filled action and risk-taking.  It motivates hard work.

Prayerful Faith

Prayer should be our ongoing experience with God not a last resort when we have exhausted all other options.

Your heavenly Father knows what you need before you ask him; ask him with confidence!

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