December 1, 2019

Death for a Free Conscience

Pastor Chad Gouin

Hebrews 9:14
Mark 7:20-23
Romans 2:14-16

We all have a conscience that makes us aware of our sin

It is an internal awareness of sin, a witness

  • Mark 7:20-23
  • Romans 2:14-16

Having a guilty conscience traces way back in our history.  It goes back to the Garden.

The Blood of Christ purifies our Conscience from Dead Works

Dead works are dead.  Jesus' blood is sufficient.

God's perfect plan of salvation

Jesus was and is perfect.  I am not.  Therefore, the gospel is good news.  If he didn't live a perfect life in full obedience to God the Father, his sacrifice would be worthless and we would not have a free conscience.

To serve the living God

Status and service go together hand in hand

Status - the purified conscience, free from earning salvation

Service - offer your life to God and serve Him

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