November 17, 2019

Coming Home

Rev. Dylan Valliere

2 Samuel 19:9-43

What a Mess

The seem too ready to give God's credit to David and their own blame to Absolom.

If it is not Jesus who builds the church, the church will fail and the gates of hell will prevail.

I can make This Work for Me

Shimei's apology is more helpful than heartfelt.

Shimei made outward overtures to God's king but his heart was not with the king.

My Heart is With My King

Mephibosheth's heart and loyalty belonged to the true king.

Ziba was an uncrupulous opportunist.

Mephibosheth did what he could to join with his king in hardship.

The King Reigns, I am Content

Barzillai was loyal to and content with the reign of God's true king.

There is freedom in being content in the king.

Barzillai was selflessly happy to pass his blessing on to another.

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