Creating a Summary Statement (Week 3)



  • Create a short summary of the concern/gist of the passage
  • Integrate the whole passage
  • Look beyond the specific situation
  • Summarize in a way that works anytime, anywhere
  • Avoid being unnecessarily specific
  • Position for moving to personal application(s)
  • Merely repeat the passage in your own words
  • Include every detail from the passage
  • Limit it to the original situation
  • Summarize in a way that is specific to people in specific times, places
  • Be too narrow in conclusions
  • Include specific applications



  • The goal is NOT to get the right answer
  • The goal IS for each person to grow in his/her own ability to get the right answer
  • Don’t rely on headings (they’re not good enough!)
  • Challenge each other for improvement
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